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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great News Alert! (By Anshu Basnyat, LCPC)

     Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday celebrations! Firstly, please allow me to apologize and explain for my absence in writing. I know it has been too long because one of my dearest friends sends me email reminders to update my blog and she has already sent me multiple notes! I have been incredibly busy with my family responsibilities, our Nepali Hindu holidays (Dasain and Tihar), American Thanksgiving, and not to mention two exciting projects I have been working on!

     The first one is an all volunteers community service project called Next Chapter (NC).  NC launched in October 7, 2012 with a group of highly-motivated and dynamic Nepalese mentors from various professional backgrounds who are providing life mentoring on their own time to new Nepalese-Bhutanese refugee high school students in the Baltimore, MD area. This project is a partnership with the Baltimore City Community College Refugee Youth Project, who work closely with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The mission is to help these new immigrants learn about the American culture so they can succeed in their life goals in this great nation!  We use the Best of Both Worlds Approach in our mentoring and help students manage the differences between the Nepalese and American cultures in a positive way.  

     In our NC bi-weekly mentoring sessions, we cover a number of different topics such as acculturation issues, college preparation, financial literacy, using and managing resources, health and wellness, etc. To give you a clearer picture of our work, two examples of NC activities include: a mentoring session focused on helping these students understand the high school graduating requirements such as understanding the differences between what a "credit" and "GPA" is on a report card and the other is when some mentors took a group of soccer fans to play soccer an hour away from their home, had lunch afterwards, and transported them back to their homes in Baltimore.  We are having a blast building relationships and providing support for these awesome students with untapped talents! We hope by engaging in such activities, we will be doing something little in making our Nepalese community stronger and in growing our valuable contributors to the American society.

     The second project that has been keeping me busy is my home private practice!  Happy to announce that the construction is almost complete and cannot wait to get started with seeing clients! Although I will continue to do my part-time consulting work, I will now expand by adding parenting coaching and various therapies to my list of services in the comfort of my own home. I will admit that this was not the easiest decision to make, but surely the right one, since this will allow me to be there for my family, give me the perks of being my own boss, and give clients a private and comfortable space to voice and problem-solve their life's difficulties! More on this later…

     Enough about me and now let’s get back to the blog posts! As always, thank you for your readership and continued support in my work!

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